What We Do


Our humble beginnings started in 2003 with a small news based website which quickly grew. From that moment onwards we embarked on a mission to build businesses on the internet which over time would appreciate in value, just like any other asset. Our journey took us through website design, search engine optimisation, advertising, domain catching, application development and more. As each project completed we gained more knowledge, more contacts and a larger workforce.

Our primary business is now the inception of new online ventures. Digging into our pool of premium domain names and hand crafting a plan to develop them into a business, which interacts with a target market. We own many profitable websites and are rapidly adding to our portfolio.


As our model became successful it was inevitable that our contacts would ask for assistance on new ventures. We became heavily involved in some excellent online start-ups. Bringing all our knowledge to the table, we were able to consult and work alongside them as they planned, built and launched their businesses. Our contacts found the guidance we gave was crucial in stopping costs spiraling out of control and brought business from their target audience at an accelerated rate.

So this is where we are now. Helping online business develop, be it from a first idea, or to a site or product that is in desperate need of some (educated) love and attention. You’ll find our service and commitment to detail a breath of fresh air in the muddled world of the internet.

Website Design & Consultation

These days it’s not enough to build a nice looking website. User experience is one of the most important factors in converting sales, and also for seo purposes. Planning correct from the start is essential, because it’s difficult and expensive to correct mistakes you’ve already made. We are experienced consultants and planners in web development strategies to make your business succeed.

Not only does your business need to be found in Google, but you also need to be active on social media. Your customers are there, so why not interact with them? In turn Google will love you for this, and other strategies we have to build your online presence.

Media Buying

Many fail at online advertising because they don’t know two things. 1. How to track their campaign properly 2. Where to get the cheapest but most cost effective banner and text ad spaces. We’ve many years experience in buying and promoting campaigns via display and mobile media. Get in touch.